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End Illegal Immigration

It isn’t complicated and it can be done.  We need to finish the border wall, prohibit taxpayer-funded services for those here illegally, enforce our laws, and turn illegal aliens away at the border. Stop the inflow, enforce our laws to deport those here illegally, and turn off the financial incentives that encourage people to come and break our laws, and this fight will be won.

Secure & Accurate Elections

We can do a lot to secure our election process.  From Voter ID to ending ballot harvesting, cleaning the voter rolls, and ensuring that each election is transparent and auditable, we can provide accurate results, faster, and restore trust in a process that is failing us.  My teammates Warren Petersen and Travis Grantham have been working hard on these fixes and if you elect me, I’ll stand shoulder to shoulder with them to get the job finished before the 2024 election arrives.

Defend the Second Amendment

I have a 100% pro-2nd Amendment voting record and I’ll continue the policies that have made Arizona the #1 pro-gun freedom state in the country.

Protect Arizona Taxpayers

I won awards from pro-taxpayer groups when I was in the Legislature before, because I worked to lower taxes, cut regulations, and get government off our backs.  Arizona’s economy is one of America’s strongest economies, and I’ll keep us on the right track.

Expand School Choice

I was and remain a passionate supporter of parental rights and school choice.  It is the parents who should be in charge of their child’s education, not government bureaucrats or school board members.  Today, parents are waking up to the insanity that liberals are trying to force onto our kids as part of their efforts to indoctrinate them.  I’ll always vote with parents, against garbage like Critical Race Theory (CRT), and for school choice.

Fight Joe Biden

Inflation, gas prices, open borders, assaults on our Constitutional rights, endless mandates, and out of control spending are just a few of the thing Joe Biden has unleashed on America.  There may not be much state legislators can do on some of these issues, but we can and I will be vocal and active on issues where we can.  In America, the states are sovereign if we’re willing to stand up and defend that sovereignty.  I love our Constitution because it contains the tools we need to course correct an abusive federal government.  I can’t wait to get started, before this man and his dangerous friends do any more damage to this great country.