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These challenging times require experience to ensure our students success 

What People Say About Laurin

“I support Laurin Hendrix in his efforts to provide a great education at a low cost to students. He works hard to eliminate wasteful spending and welcomes input from constituents. When taxpayer money is not needed, such as a portion of the recent Cares Act funding to colleges, he fights to give it back. He is a great example of "living within your means" and he applies this concept to government budgets as well”.
Laurin has proven his experience as President and member of the MCCCD board, he lowered tuition for community colleges and found ways to stream line the budget. He is fiscally responsible and believes in lower taxes, as shown during his tenure as a State Representative as well.
"As a strong fighter for the taxpayer, who also knows how to deliver on quality education as well as manage expectations compared to budgets, I strongly endorse Laurin Hendrix for Maricopa County Community College District Governing Board. Laurin has served this board and been able to reach across the aisle to work with both Democrat's and Republicans to find real solutions. Going forward we will have many challenges. We will need proven leadership that can work in a bipartisan fashion."
“Laurin has been a consistent fiscal conservative as he has joined me in fighting for lower taxes. As a businessman committed to public service, his energy and enthusiasm make him a role model for helping others”.

Meet Laurin

I have been a proud Arizonan for 33 years. It has been the perfect place to raise my family and grow a number of small businesses. Many of my neighbors were also drawn to this beautiful state, with its rich heritage and rich future. There will be some challenges ahead for our state and some tough choices to be made. Arizona needs experienced leaders who are committed to making our educational system strong and accessible to everyone. As a member of the MCCCD Governing Board, I will continue to draw on my experience as a fiscally responsible leader in the Arizona State Legislature during the last recession. I will continue to create balanced budgets and be a good steward of taxpayer funds. When our citizens are educated, it helps our state remain strong and competitive in a national and global economy.

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